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Structural Steel & Plate Fabrication Co. Case Study

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The Problem

The company’s computers and printers were burning up or shutting down. Then, like a virus, the problem started to infect heavy equipment.  Mother boards on machines started to crash and burn out.

The Action

Electripure analyzed the company’s power bills and metered the plant using deep forensic analytics to gain insight into how efficiently the plant was consuming power.  Various power glitches were uncovered:  excessive loading, harmonic distortions, and a low power-factor score. The recommendation was to install Electripure’s CleanPQ™ system.

The Result

The power bill was reduced by 11%.  Annual repairs to machines were reduced by $30,000 as well as  avoidance of employee downtime and reduced G&A overhead.  Total avoided costs:  $91,200.


“We have close to 90 employees and have enjoyed steady growth since we started in the ‘70’s.  For our growth to continue and still have reliable power quality, we would be nuts not to use Electripure from here on out.”

Taylor Dean
Structural Steel & Plate Fabrication Co.